What TSCI package is right for you?

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If you are investing in rental property to grow your investment portfolio, a best practice is consistent tenant screening. What is the best package for you? It depends. Although our products are divided into 1-5 units and 6+, it’s really your needs and preferences that decide. Our 6+ services require an on-site inspection to confirm… Read more »

Selecting the Best Prospective Tenants

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When you’re looking through applicants for prospective tenants for your properties, it can be difficult to determine who would be the best match for your rental unit. Applicants who seem ideal on paper might actually be unsuitable for your property, so it’s important to ask several important questions above and beyond the basics. When in… Read more »

Managing Rentals That Allow Pets

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It’s hard not to love our pets — they’re loyal, sweet, cuddly, entertaining, and adorable. When it comes to rentals, however, a whole new host of concerns crop up. Keeping a pet in a rental home or unit involves more than simply releasing them into the wilds of an apartment to explore to their heart’s… Read more »