Security Deposit 101 for Landlords

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Whether you’re getting ready to rent your first unit or you’ve been renting for a little while already, security deposits are probably on your checklist. You know they’re a way to guarantee coverage in the case of damaged or missing property, or an unforeseen issue that breaks the lease agreement. -But what don’t you know?… Read more »

New Credit Score Rules Are Here

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Starting this past Saturday (July 1st), a series of new credit score rules hit and people may already be noticing the difference in their scores. These changes affect all three of the major credit reporting databases, and we’ve written several posts discussing the new VantageScore approach and how it differs from FICO scores, if you’d… Read more »

Best Questions to Ask a Tenant on a Phone Interview

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We’ve written several posts over the years detailing the best questions to ask prospective tenants to ensure you’re getting the best fit for your property. You know to ask why they’re moving, who’ll be living on the property, whether they have pets, where they work, and when they’d like to move. You know not to… Read more »