Using Tenant Screening to Your Best Advantage

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We’re no stranger to the subject of tenant screening and the many ways it benefits landlords and property owners, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth revisiting the topic every once in a while. One of the most important preventative measures a property owner can take is properly vetting each and every one of their… Read more »

Use Screening to Support Tenant Safety

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By now, we’ve established many times over that tenant screening is one of the best ways to keep your investment safe, but also focus on the tenant safety. However, you’re not the only beneficiary of thorough screening — so are your current tenants. Tenant retention is one of the best ways to succeed in this… Read more »

How to Keep Your Best Tenants

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As any good landlord knows, the first step in filling your rentals with quality tenants is a well-rounded screening and interview process. We’ve written extensively on both tenant screening and interviewing prospective tenants, so we know you’ve got that in the bag. So what comes next? You have great tenant who pays on time and… Read more »