Attracting Great Tenants for Your Rental Properties

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We write a lot about the risks of potentially bad tenants, but what about all the great tenants? With some finesse and a bit of help, you can attract really fantastic tenants to your rental properties. Tenants who pay on time, don’t break their contracts, upkeep the property, and are generally pleasant people to speak… Read more »

What’s Included In A Background Check?

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Every seasoned property manager knows that landlord background checks are the key to finding quality tenants for their clients’ properties. Services that offer tenant background checks will give you a list of information that will help give you a more well-rounded picture of the person you’re about to sign a contract with. But what information… Read more »

Understanding Tenant Screening Services

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What are tenant screening services used for and why should landlords consider them as a tool? These are bigger questions than they appear, and we’re happy to go over the benefits. Tenant screening is quite possibly the best way to protect your property, your business, and your peace of mind. You can learn a great… Read more »

Should You Rent to Tenants in the Military?

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If you live in an area with a high population of military personnel nearby, you may be considering renting out your properties to members of the military. Over half a million active duty members are stationed in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, California, and Texas at any given time. That means you always have a plentiful… Read more »