8 Ways to Create a Better Rental Ad

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You’ve worked hard to build your properties and your business into something great, and now it’s time to put them on the market and bring in renters. Awesome! However, you still have to create a compelling ad that will bring in your target tenants. This is easier said than done. An ad that misses the… Read more »

The Best New Year’s Resolutions For Landlords

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We’re already halfway through the first month of 2018! This is the point where a lot of people fall off the wagon with all of those lofty New Year’s resolutions they made only a few weeks ago, so there’s no better time to decide what you really want out of this year and stick to… Read more »

Renewing Rental Lease Agreements: What You Should Know

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Leases and rental agreements are part and parcel of a landlord’s job, which means you’ve got to know their ins and outs. You’ve already managed to get your first batch of leases signed — that’s fantastic. Now the lease term is almost up and it’s time to start thinking about renewals. What do you need… Read more »