What Tenant Residence History Can Tell Landlords

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When you start accepting new applications for one of your properties, you’ll undoubtedly be asking your potential tenants for their current address and rental history, if they have one. Landlords and property managers will want to pay attention to the current address especially during their initial screening process. It can tell you a lot about… Read more »

How to Spot a Potential Problem Tenant

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Imagine the following scenario: you’ve just placed an advertisement for your property and are actively looking for tenants. A prospective tenant pulls up to the property to apply and you notice that they’re driving a moving van or that their vehicle is packed full of stuff, almost as if they’re traveling with their home on… Read more »

How Do You Get an Apartment with Bad Credit?

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Renting an apartment with bad credit is difficult but not impossible. To get an apartment with poor credit, you need to first prove that you can afford the rental and make payments on time. Job stability is a major factor in whether a landlord will consider your application further, so be sure to show that… Read more »