What to Expect from a Credit Check to Rent a Property

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We’ve written extensively for landlords on how to request, read, and use a credit check to rent a property, but we haven’t fully covered what to expect if you’re a tenant whose applying for a rental that requires credit check. How will it affect your chances and how can you prepare? We’ll discuss below. Understanding… Read more »

How to Check My Tenant Screening Report

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What is a tenant screening report, first of all? What does it include? There are a variety of answers to this question depending on which service (and which package within that service ) you choose to go with. Your report may include at least one or all of the following: criminal background check, eviction history,… Read more »

5 Facts Landlords Should Know About the Background Check

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When you’re renting out your property to prospective tenants, you already know it’s in your best interest to have some sort of tenant screening done in order to hedge your bets and make sure you’re matching the right people with your homes or apartments. Most landlords and property managers rely on a pass/fail credit check… Read more »