Oakland Ordinance Expands Landlord Requirements and Tenant Rights

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Oakland landlords and tenants enter a shifting rental landscape after the City Council passed its Fair Chance Housing ordinance that establishes the East Bay city as the first in California to bar landlords from conducting criminal background checks. This law, adopted by the City Council on February 4, “bans the box” which stops landlords from… Read more »

Considerations for Renting to Friends or Family

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As a landlord or property manager, you’re well-aware of how important it is to screen your tenants. This becomes more complicated when you’re considering renting to family or friends. When vetting a stranger, you can rely on the information from the screening to make your decision. Objectivity is more difficult when it comes to vetting… Read more »

How to Prevent Common Misunderstandings with Tenants

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Every tenant wants a peaceful home. Likewise, every landlord wants good tenants who will take care of their property. Unfortunately, misunderstandings can undermine the goodwill between tenants and landlords. Misunderstandings can quickly escalate and create uncomfortable situations between both parties, sometimes even damaging the relationship permanently. With that in mind, it’s important to know how… Read more »