Six Vital Skills for Landlords and Property Managers

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Anyone who owns or manages a rental property knows real estate is a competitive industry. To be successful, it’s important to have a wide skillset. A good landlord or property manager is committed to ongoing education and developing a variety of different skills. Not only does this allow you to be adaptable in a fluid… Read more »

Evicting At-Will Tenancies and Squatters

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Every eviction case is different. They each have their own set of circumstances, court rulings, and resolutions. The laws concerning evictions can vary greatly too, depending on the type of tenancy you’re dealing with. Here’s a look at two unique types of eviction: squatters and at-will tenants. What’s a Tenancy At-Will? A tenancy at-will is… Read more »

Odd, Bizarre, and Restrictive Rental Rules

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One of the toughest things about being a tenant is that they must abide by other’s rules – or they’ll need to find a new place to live. Most of the time, rental rules are reasonable and easy to follow. Some landlords and property managers, however, take things too far with extremely restrictive or nonsensical… Read more »