7 Financial Tips for Landlords during COVID-19

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Times are tough for many around the nation right now, especially with a large part of the workforce being unemployed. While we can all hope that things return to normal soon, this “new normal” will likely be our reality for quite some time. Without an official end date for the COVID-19 crisis, many landlords are… Read more »

Legal and Practical Questions Arise with Rent and Eviction Moratoriums

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States and counties across the country have begun the slow process of lifting COVID-19 self-distancing measures. Despite this, there still remain many areas where shelter in place orders and social distancing remain in effect. Jobs continue to lay off employees and unemployment claims continue to rise in unprecedented numbers. Most states and counties have enacted… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Early Prison Releases and Home Confinement

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With continued concerns regarding COVID-19 outbreaks, some state and federal prisons have granted vulnerable inmates an early release – and many prisons that have not yet made that move are considering it. Recently, the U.S. Attorney General issued an order that allowed inmates who qualified for an early release the option of home confinement. That… Read more »

Tips and Best Practices for Virtual Tours

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Social distancing is being encouraged throughout most of the country, which means a slow-down in lease signings and tour requests for many landlords and property managers. However, even if you’re not able to meet with prospective tenants in person, you can still show them around your property with a virtual tour. Virtual tours are often… Read more »