Protect Your Property with Roommate Screening

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With inmate releases, pandemic-related job loss, and a potential wave of evictions on the horizon, we’ll likely see larger numbers of people choosing to cohabitate. What does this mean for you as a property manager or landlord? There’s a good chance one of your tenants may ask you to consider allowing them to have a… Read more »

Important Steps You Can Take to Avoid Tenant Fraud

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Over the past couple of months, COVID-19 has caused the U.S. job market to take a significant dive, erasing nearly all the gains that were made since the 2008 recession. The 2008 housing crash shook the economy for years. Tenant fraud increased as many applicants attempted to hide their poor credit scores, evictions, and low… Read more »

Prevent Tenant Privacy Violations with Effective Communication

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Has COVID-19 made you more concerned about the state of your rental property? If so, you may be considering an inspection. However, before you pay your tenant a visit, it’s important to take their privacy into consideration. Most state laws allow landlords to enter their tenant’s homes under specific circumstances, but they must meet certain… Read more »