Roommates: A Guide for Rental Housing Professionals and Renters

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For many Americans, roommates are a necessity. High costs of living coupled with low wages and debt have made it difficult for people to meet all their financial responsibilities in many areas of the country. Unfortunately, this trend shows no sign of slowing; if anything, it’s likely to increase with the economic fallout from job… Read more »

Streamline Your Rental Tours with the Best Virtual Tour Apps

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Virtual tours have grown in popularity over the years; thanks to the development of smartphone capability and apps, property managers and landlords can show off their rental properties to many prospective tenants at the same time. Renters also benefit, as they can search for housing and view the properties they’re interested in without ever leaving… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Potential Wave of Evictions

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Earlier this year, states rushed to put a halt to evictions in response to COVID-19. As some states have now begun the process of reopening, the multifamily housing industry may be at a crossroads with evictions. Eviction moratoriums are set to be lifted in several states, with courts scheduled to begin hearing eviction cases later… Read more »

Could Security Deposit Bans Be on the Horizon?

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As a landlord, security deposits are one of the most vital tools you have. While these deposits can only be used in specific instances, they ensure you don’t lose out on money if the tenancy doesn’t go as planned. Unfortunately, security deposits are the latest rental policy to come under fire. The affordable housing crisis, in… Read more »

Fair Housing Considerations during COVID-19

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With things changing rapidly in the rental housing industry, you may have missed the recent statement put out by HUD. The notice, titled HUD Statement on Fair Housing and COVID-19, has several key takeaways that are important to note. Fair Housing Laws Still Stand The first important takeaway is that fair housing requirements, as well as… Read more »