Avoid These Property Manager No-No’s

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Not long ago, a rental property owner went viral after she snatched some packages from her renters, which she claimed was payment for the rent she was owed. Unsurprisingly, her actions weren’t well-received online, causing her to quickly backtrack on her position. A story like this is a great example of what NOT to do… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Month-to-Month Leases

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Landlords are faced with many important decisions when renting their properties, including the duration of the lease. Although all landlords would like to have stable long-term tenants, there are times when a month-to-month lease may be a better option than an annual one. A month-to-month lease lasts for 30 days and automatically renews at the… Read more »

Tips for Making Your Rental Summer-Ready

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It’s common to see tips for “winterizing” your rental for the cold months, but summer maintenance is often overlooked. With warm weather on the way, now is an ideal time to check in on your properties to ensure everything is in perfect working order – especially if your rental is currently vacant. Typically, summer is… Read more »

Squatter’s Rights: An Overview for Property Managers

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In most cases, the residents who live the properties you manage will be paying tenants. They were selected to live there, have signed a lease or rental agreement, and pay their monthly rent. In rare cases, however, you may encounter squatters. These are individuals or groups of people who haven’t signed a legal contract allowing… Read more »