Benefits of Being a Landlord on Social Media

Benefits of Being a Landlord on Social MediaWe know you’ve probably heard all about social media — how it’s a great advertising tool, how it keeps you connected, and how it furthers your reach. As a local landlord, is it really worth it? We think so, depending on your area and other marketing. It can be a great addition to your marketing arm and it offers a range of benefits. We’ll go into some of them below.

Social media is a way to diversify your marketing portfolio.
You likely have tried and true methods of reaching potential tenants, but you may have also noticed in recent years that some other methods are becoming less effective. Mailing campaigns are all but useless these days, and posting flyers and hoping for bites isn’t working so well, either. Online advertising is the way to go these days, especially because more and more people are heading online to both find housing and read reviews. Facebook in particular is home to over one billion (yes, billion!) users, and you can target local users to make sure they know you have units on the market.

Social media helps people find your business.
Over the years, social media sites have gotten better and better about helping their users find businesses that are local and relevant to them. By making yourself available and ensuring all your information is up to date, you’re putting yourself a step ahead of the competition that doesn’t bother and making it easier for people to find you.

Social media personalizes you.
For many average renters, landlords and property managers are a mystery. Someone they never really see who takes their money every month. With social media, they can get to know you as people. You can show off your personality, share a joke or two, and even arrange community building events for your complex. This is appealing and makes them feel more at home, and it looks good to people thinking of applying.

Social media is useful for background checks.

You should be performing a full background check and credit report, of course, but connecting with applicants on social media can give you insight you’d never have otherwise. Be mindful that you’re not committing any discrimination, but if you notice that a tenant has a huge dog that they didn’t disclose or a history of throwing raging parties, it’s worth keeping in mind.

All in all, social media is an excellent way for landlords to connect with tenants and applicants on a personal level, as well as provide plenty of information about their business. Advertising is well worth the cost for targeting local consumers in the market for a new rental. We highly recommend setting up a few profiles at the very least!

We recommend our RentalConnect program as an added tool for selecting the right tenants for your property. RentalConnect offers property owners and landlords a great alternative to the expense of full tenant screening. This service requires no on-site visit, sign-up, or membership fees, making it extra convenient. The application fee is paid by the applicant. Available 24/7, RentalConnect is fast, easy, secure, and delivers reports needed to make an informed decision, including a credit report, a national criminal search, and a national eviction search. Reach out to us for more details!

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