Benefits of Using Traditional Tenant Screening

Traditional screening is an excellent choice for busy property managers looking for support services to help run their business. TSCI’s tenant screening does exactly that. We allow you to be more efficient during the screening process without running your business for you. Some of the benefits of our traditional screening services include:

  • More control – The entire screening process can be customized to meet your company’s unique needs
  • Hands-on – You’ll have direct 24/7 access to request your selected reports
  • Accessibility for your team – Allows multiple users and agents to utilize the process  
  • Faster turnaround times – You’re in control, not the applicant
  • Convenient integration – May integrate with your existing property management software as a .pdf
  • No technical glitches –Avoid being at the mercy of technology
  • Contract-based services – Pay only for the reports you need, as you need them
  • Secure custom platform – Uses a custom platform designed and hosted by TSCI
  • Full customer support – We provide live, responsive customer support for all our services
  • Physical inspection – A physical inspection of the office space is required for compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA)

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