Background Checks for Vacation Rentals

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For landlords of long-term residential units, the background check is a familiar tool of the trade. They’re considered standard protocol and are typically accepted as a safety precaution against fraud, problem tenants, poor credit, and other information that might inform the decision about whether or not to rent to specific people. When your livelihood is… Read more »

Prepping Your Space for Airbnb

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If you’ve never considered offering up your home as a vacation rental, the rise of Airbnb may be changing your mind lately. When most people hear “vacation rental,” they think of a second property located somewhere swanky, not their own home. However, companies like Airbnb are making it easy to offer up any sort of… Read more »

When Tenants Leave Abandoned Property Behind

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There are many joys that come with being a landlord. Unfortunately, there are a number of downsides, as well. Every landlord hopes they’ll be able to get away with not ever having to deal with a problem tenant, but few are so lucky. Issues can range from noise violations to criminal activity, and you may… Read more »

Tenant Property and Safety – What’s Your Responsibility?

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When tenants live on your property, there’s often a certain expectation of safety and protection for themselves and their property. They expect a safe unit to live in, functional window and door locks, a safe place to park their vehicle without risk of preventable damage, and other similar security measures. If something happens on your… Read more »

A Guide to Tenant Notices

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As a landlord, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with serving your tenants notices. There are many different notices that you’re required by law to use to notify people living on your property of certain events, including entering their premises, raising rates, or terminating a lease. These laws and regulations vary by state and even… Read more »

Managing a Vacation Rental

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With the rise of companies like Airbnb and VRBO, there’s never been a better time to be a landlord in a desirable location. Even if rental prices are skyrocketing, tenant levels are lagging, or units are becoming more difficult to fill, if you’re in a vacation hotspot, you can always rely on travelers looking for… Read more »

College Student Housing Tips for Landlords

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As the universities begin the age-old process of graduation and migrating the student body off campus, landlords and apartment managers will see the inevitable upswing in applications from students who want to stay in the area, either temporarily for the summer or for a full year-long lease if they’re moving off campus permanently. While approving… Read more »

Prepping Rentals for the Summer Rush

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As always, summer is one of the very busiest times to move. For families, it may be the only time they can manage to easily transition their kids to a new home, especially if they’re switching school districts. That leaves a few high-traffic months to sell their current home, buy a new one, and make… Read more »

Save Money with Tenant Background Checks

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I understand the temptation to skip tenant background checks. You’ve got an open unit and you have someone that looks on your application. It can seem like a good idea just get that unit rented as fast as possible and get your occupancy up. It seems like you will save both time and money by… Read more »