Credit Report Paid by Tenant Baton Rouge

Credit Report Paid by Tenant Baton RougeAdopting a policy of having a credit report paid by tenant for your Baton Rouge property will save you money, time and headaches. Here at Tenant Screening center, we offer free forms and great advice for landlords and property managers who need anything from a standard rental agreement to rent a room screening services. It’s difficult to find a truly free tenant screening service that’s comprehensive enough to be useful, which is why selecting a more well-rounded service and including the cost with the rental application is a great option for property owners.

Get the Tenant Screening you Need

We have a number of services at different price points so you can find the screenings and reports that are right for you. Having a credit report paid by tenant in Baton Rouge is an effective way to select the right tenants for your building, but it can also be off-putting if the cost is too high. You have to factor in the type of tenant you’re targeting and make an informed choice as to what they’re able and willing to pay, as well as the information you need to make a good decision. Our Rental Connect option is an inexpensive alternative to many pricier screening plans, and it doesn’t require an on-site inspection, which gives you more time to focus on your business. This rent a room screening is accessible 24/7 and includes a credit report, national criminal background check, and national eviction check. Having this information helps you know whether you’re considering a tenant with a history of nonpayment or eviction, which can save you pricey legal fees in the future.

We’re always available to answer questions, and our blog is updated regularly with valuable insights for landlords and property managers. For information on how to set up a credit report paid by tenant for your Baton Rouge properties, reach out to us today!

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