Credit Report Paid by Tenant Chicago IL

Credit Report Paid by Tenant Chicago ILSave your profits and your peace of mind with a credit report paid by tenant Chicago IL. Chicago is a vibrant, active, and high value rental property market. Well kept, conveniently located, and fairly priced properties will generate dozens of showing requests. Often property owners are left with the happy, if time-consuming, chore of sorting through multiple apartment applications. How do you pick the best possible applicant for your unit, and get them to sign the lease? Tenant Screening Center can help!

We have developed our tenant screening paid by tenant product with active rental markets like Chicago in mind. This background check solution allows you to quickly and easily obtain a tenant credit report at no cost to you, and no additional application fee to your applicant. Interested applicants pay a nominal fee and enter their personal information on a separate secure website, and give you or your agent access to the results. This process allows you to view the credit report paid by the tenant who is interested in your Chicago IL unit. You can make an informed decision quickly, have a lease signed, and get back to the rest of your busy life.

Tenant Screening Services you Can Trust

Why use tenant screening paid by tenant instead of a more traditional application process for your high demand unit? It saves your valuable time. Do you really want to show the apartment multiple times and sift through dozens of applications when all you need is one responsible tenant? Using this quick screening process allows you to make an offer to the first interested and qualified applicant. In the long run, this process allows you to protect your investment while saving time and money that is better spent elsewhere. The tenant benefits as well, because you save them the time and stress of additional showings and applications when they just want your unit.

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