Credit Report Paid by Tenant Denver

If you’re screening for tenants and want a credit report paid by the tenant in Denver, allow Tenant Screening Center, Inc. to help you today. We specialize in everything related to the screening process, including tenant screening, tenant verification service, renter credit checks, rental background checks, background checks, tenant background checks, access to geo-targeted areas, and more. At Tenant Screening Center, we strive to bring you the most quality service possible, with excellence, accuracy, and reliability that surpasses our competitors and sets us apart in the tenant screening industry.

Full Screening Services Available

TSC strives to provide the widest range of resources for our users, including access to our informational blog, team viewers, RentalConnect system, verification forms, tools to lift credit freeze and view a sample credit report, and more. We use a streamlined credit report system called VantageScore, which assigns letter grades and score types that allow you to make the best choice when choosing a tenant. The score types range from high risk to non-prime, prime, prime plus, and super prime. The VantageScore system allows us to offer complete credit details, unlike most competitors.

From having a credit report paid by the tenant in Denver to the process of conducting a rent a room screening, Tenant Screening Center is there for you. We have over thirty years of nationwide service and have been rated #1 in the country by the Landlord’s Handbook, and have been given a score of A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call or visit our website today to learn the full details of services available!

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