Credit Report Paid by Tenant Detroit

Credit Report Paid by Tenant DetroitLandlords and property managers alike can benefit from an experienced company running a credit report paid by tenant for their Detroit properties, and Tenant Screening Center is here to help. With a variety of screenings at several affordable price points, you’ll find something that fits your exact needs and helps you make the best choice for your property. We’ve operated throughout the country for years, offering resources and advice to clients from coast to coast. From a simple rent a room screening to a full screening and criminal background check, these reports are all paid by the tenant as part of their application fee and make a fantastic alternative to free tenant screening.

Detroit Tenants can Pay For Their Credit Report

Tenant screening is simply the best method of determining which applicants are the right fit for your rental. Even if you’re operating within a budget, the option of having a credit report paid by tenant in the Detroit area lets you keep your costs down without sacrificing the information you need to make the best decision. We offer options ranging from a simple data check or credit pass/fail to our Rental Connect program, a $39.95 screening option that includes a criminal background check, eviction history, credit report, and application all in one convenient package. The entire fee is paid by the applicant and there are no membership fees or sign-ups, plus there’s no required on-site inspection, which we know can be daunting for small landlords. The rent a room screening gives you everything you need to know without making you jump through hoops. We do the work, you benefit from more time to manage your business or even take a break once in a while.

For more information and recommendations for a credit report paid by tenant in the Detroit area, give us a call today. In addition to our screening services, we also regularly offer free advice on our blog, and you can find free forms for download here on our site. We’re always working to make your job easier, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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