Credit Report Paid by Tenant Minneapolis MN

Make renting out your property worry-free with credit report paid by tenant Minneapolis MN. At Tenant Screening Center, helping property owners protect their valuable investment is what we do. We are based in California and offer tenant screening products nationwide and some are designed to be paid directly by the tenant. Sound too good to be true? We have found that performing the rental background check this way benefits both you as the property owner and your prospective tenant. Our screening service costs your tenant much less than a standard application fee.The process also saves your valuable time by having the prospective tenants enter the information needed to pull credit reports and other public records themselves. As a bonus, they can feel confident that their personal information is secure and will be used only for its intended purpose.

Find Responsable Tenants that Will Take Care of Your Property

The rental process is time consuming for both property owners and apartment seekers. You want to rent to the first interested and qualified tenant, and they want the first apartment they see that meets their budget and criteria. With a credit report paid by tenant you can have the interested applicant for your Minneapolis MN unit screened and signed quickly. Why put yourself through extra unnecessary showings while a great tenant potentially gets away? Perform a rental background check with Tenant Screening Center and get your unit off the market and generating cash flow, fast.

The credit report paid by tenant service is designed primarily for individual residential rental units in the Minneapolis MN area. Are you a commercial or large residential property owner? Tenant Screening Center offers a full range of tenant screening services suitable for any size and type of rental property. Browse our website to get started, or give us a call at our service center. Our experienced customer service representatives can explain our options and helping you find the tenant screening package that will work best for you.

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