Free Tenant Screening Cincinnati

Free Tenant Screening Cincinnati Find a better alternative to free tenant screening for your Cincinnati property when you work with Tenant Screening Center, Inc. We offer convenient tenant screening online that makes your job much easier, giving you more opportunity to do what’s important, like manage your properties or even take the occasional day off. You’ll also find an ample amount of landlord advice on our blog and free forms available for download to give you all the tools you need to succeed without exceeding your budget. We know those free screening services sound appealing, but there’s a better alternative: a credit report paid by tenant.

We’ve been working with property managers and landlords for years to help them fill their units with qualified tenants who pay on time. They’re able to find those tenants through smart marketing and careful screening, which gives them the information they need to make educated choices about the people they rent to. When you use a free tenant screening service in Cincinnati, you may be saving a few bucks, but ultimately you’re getting a pale imitation of a real screening report. You may get a bare-bones picture of who a tenant is, but you won’t see the whole truth. Only a full credit report and background check can give you what you need. Thankfully, our tenant screening online services offer the convenience of immediate access without breaking your budget. Our services are intended to be charged as part of the application fee for prospective tenants, which means it’s no cost to you. One of our most popular programs, RentalConnect, is just $39.95 for a criminal background check, eviction history, credit report, and application, all accessible online. That fee is paid entirely by the tenant, and you won’t have to deal with membership fees, signup fees, or an on-site inspection. It’s an ideal solution.

At Tenant Screening Center, we want to make sure you succeed. That’s why we offer so many great tools right here on our site, and offer a range of services and varying price points to best fit your needs. We’re an excellent alternative to free tenant screening services in Cincinnati, and we’re happy to speak with you about how we can help. Contact us today!

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