Free Tenant Screening Kansas City

Free Tenant Screening Kansas CityLandlords in Kansas City can receive a free tenant screening, rent a room screening and credit report paid by tenant as well as tenant screening paid by tenant, when they contact Tenant Screening Center. We conduct background checks and can direct bill your prospective tenant. With over 30 years of experience, we are the leading authority that provides detailed, accurate information for landlords across the country. With over a million background checks conducted, we are the experienced service that landlords trust.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Tenant Screening Center can help landlords in Kansas City secure the free tenant screening they need to find a reliable tenant for their rental property. We offer our services to both residential property and commercial business property owners. You will feel a strong sense of confidence when selecting your tenant because you selected the service that provides the most thorough and comprehensive rent a room screening. Basic background checks start at $17.50 for a basic check and range up to $51.50 for a full background and criminal records check. We offer information such as detailed personal history with credit report and credit scores, eviction history, employment verification, current and default credit card debt, and more. There is no out of pocket charge to you because we can direct bill your prospective tenant. Landlords love our services because we are the thorough and trustworthy authority.

Our goal is to help you select a tenant that will treat your property with the proper amount of respect it deserves. Tenant Screening Center gives landlords peace of mind with our trustworthy background check services for landlords in Kansas City seeking a free tenant screening. We can help you today!

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