Free Tenant Screening Knoxville

Looking for a free tenant screening service in Knoxville? You may want to weigh your priorities and decide what exactly you need to make the best choices for your property and your business. The price point of a free screening may seem ideal, but ultimately the information you’re getting is going to be details you could easily find yourself. Instead, consider a credit report paid by tenant and the convenience of tenant screening online.

Free Tenant Screening KnoxvilleAt Tenant Screening Center, we’ve been in the business of supporting landlords and property managers for many years. We offer free forms for download and use, including notices, rental applications, and sample rental agreements that can be adjusted to meet your needs and local regulations. Our blog is always full of advice for finding the best tenants, landlord responsibilities, conducting interviews, and more. While a free tenant screening for your Knoxville property sounds appealing to the budget-minded, ultimately you’ll be getting exactly what you paid for. To get a real picture of your prospective tenant, you really want a full national background, credit, and eviction history check so that you’re aware of any potential red flags and can make the right choice. We offer convenient tenant screening online, accessible 24/7, with an affordable fee that’s paid by the applicant, not by you.

For as little as $17.50, you can receive a national data check. Our Rental Connect program costs just $39.95 and includes everything you need: criminal background and credit checks, eviction history, and a rental application that can be modified for your needs. This fee is 100% paid by the applicant, and it requires no sign-up or membership fee from you. Furthermore, unlike other more in-depth (and expensive) options, there’s no required on-site visit. This is a level of convenience that leaves you more time to do what’s important — run and improve your business.

We’re always happy to discuss the alternatives to free tenant screening with Knoxville landlords and property managers. Please reach out today so we can talk about what we can do for you!

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