Free Tenant Screening Los Angeles

Are you a property owner looking for a free tenant screening service in Los Angeles? With few vacancies in the greater Los Angeles area, competition for properties is fierce. We know that it’s important to protect your rental investment. By obtaining a credit report paid by tenant, you can ensure that your property’s new occupant will be trustworthy at no cost to you.

Tenant Screening You Can Trust

Whether you’re an independent owner or work through a property management company, our free tenant screening will ensure that your Los Angeles property will be rented to the right individuals. At TSCI, we know that you’re busy managing existing properties and taking care of your other renters. Our rent a room screening service is easy to use and simple, letting you spend your precious time catering to the needs of your existing tenants rather than vetting new ones. Our rental credit checks and background checks can give you peace of mind. Why risk your own financial well-being and the safety of your valuable property? We’d love to help you learn more about how a credit report paid by your prospective tenant can help you find reliable renters with trustworthy credit and employment histories. Let us work for you to avoid nasty surprises, like high debt and evictions, while giving you the time to tend to more important matters.

Tenant Screening Center Inc. has helped property owners protect their rental investments since 1985. Contact us today to find out how our free tenant screening can meet your Los Angeles landlord needs.

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