Free Tenant Screening Louisville

Have you been on the lookout for free tenant screening for your Louisville properties? Before you invest too much time in internet research, you may want to examine your other options. While free screenings sound appealing, they typically only offer up information that you can easily find yourself through routine searches. The true goal behind a rent a room screening is finding the right tenant for your property, and that’s difficult enough without adding to your workload or sifting through unhelpful information. Luckily, for landlords and property managers on a budget, there are alternatives. By working with a screening service, you can have a credit report paid by tenant without any prohibitive expenses. You get the information you need, and the fees are covered by the applicant.

Free Tenant Screening LouisvilleIn order to make an informed decision about which applicants will be the best fit for your property, you’ll want a criminal background check, eviction history, and credit report.  At Tenant Screening Center, we offer a Rental Connect package that includes all of the above plus a rental application, and the $39.95 fee is paid by the applicant. This package does not require sign-up or membership fees, and there’s no on-site inspection necessary, so it’s an ideal way to get what you need without financial hardship or scaring off good prospective tenants. If you use free tenant screening services in the Louisville area, you may miss out on vital information. If you’re hesitant about charging an application fee, consider that it’s an excellent way to ensure you’re only getting serious applicants, which saves you time and headaches. Selecting the right rent a room screening is one of the best ways to protect your property and livelihood, so choose wisely.

Here at Tenant Screening Center, we’re always happy to keep our clients informed and give them all the resources they need to succeed. We offer several screening packages for both landlords and property managers, ranging from routine data checks to a full screening. You’ll find free forms available for download, and subscribing to our blog will give you valuable insights into property management and selecting the best tenants. Next time you’re looking for a more well-rounded alternative to a free credit report for your Louisville property, please consider us.

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