Free Tenant Screening Oklahoma City

Free Tenant Screening Oklahoma CityLandlords in Oklahoma City that seek a free tenant screening can receive a credit report paid by tenant when they choose our tenant screening online services at Tenant Screening Center. You can select your tenants with total confidence when you use our services to receive an accurate and thorough background check. During our 30 year history in the background check business, we have conducted over 28,000 background checks. We have the experience that has made us the leading authority in our industry. We are able to provide you with detailed reports on the rental, financial, and employment history of all your prospective tenants. These services can be made available to landlords for no extra cost because we will simply direct bill your prospective tenant. We offer our services to both residential and commercial landlords.

We Have Conducted over 28,000 Background Checks

There are zero out of pocket charges when you opt for a free tenant screening for your Oklahoma City rental property from Tenant Screening Center. Landlords love our detailed, accurate, and thorough reports that offer peace of mind and assurance that you are selecting the best and most reliable rental candidate. Basic background checks start at only $17.50, and range up to $51.50 for our most detailed package that includes criminal background check information, as well as credit report and scores, eviction history, current and default credit card or loan debt, employment verification, and more.

Contact Tenant Screening Center in Oklahoma City to receive a free tenant screening with our tenant screening online services. Our services will allow you to make the best possible selection for your rental property. We can help you today!

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