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Free Tenant Screening OmahaIf you’re looking for free tenant screening in Omaha, give Tenant Screening Center, Inc. a chance! We are your number one source for background checks, credit checks, online tenant and landlord screening, tenant background screening, rental background checks, and more. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and over thirty years of nationwide service, TSC is everything you could hope for in a screening center. We’re even listed as #1 in the country by the Landlord’s Handbook!

#1 in the Country by Landlords Handbook

Tenant Screening Center prides itself on providing on the most quality screening service with excellence and experience. We want to offer every bit of help we possibly can to aid you in your rent a room screening process, which is why we make a number of resources for your use, including information on lifting credit freeze, verification forms, sample credit reports, a credit report glossary, access to geo-targeted areas, and more. And most importantly of all, our information is easily accessible, timely, and reliable.

One of the biggest things that sets Tenant Screening Center so far ahead of our competitors is our ability to offer only the most complete credit details. We’re able to do this using a system called the Vantage Score Range, which assigns a letter grade to each bracket of credit to give you a more accurate, easy-to-assess result. The Vantage Score 2.0 system can grade scores between 501 and 990, and the Vantage Score 3.0 grades scores between 300 and 850. The system categorizes each letter grade with a score type of either high risk, non-prime, prime, prime plus, or super prime.

For your free tenant screening in Omaha, visit our website and learn more about your options today!

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