Free Tenant Screening San Rafael, CA

Free Tenant Screening San Rafael, CAWhen you need a free tenant screening in San Rafael, CA, do what other area landlords do and trust the services of Tenant Screening Center. We provide screening and background check so you can be sure you are placing only qualified, responsible renters into your properties. With a credit report paid by tenant, the applicant pays all fees and files the information themselves, leaving you with one less task (and fee!) on your to-do list. It also adds additional peace of mind, since they need to do these steps and pay for the report they have significant interest in renting your property.

Screening Services you can Trust

If you have multiple properties, finding, screening, and processing applicants can be time-consuming and expensive. Our services help ease some of the burden of property management and help make your job easier. A free tenant screening for any San Rafael, CA property will help eliminate un qualified renters. We can provide background checks, credit reports and any criminal records if applicable. When you can look into the history of your applicant, you can feel more confident knowing they will be more likely to pay on time, avoid eviction, and take care of your property. Better yet, a credit report paid by tenant takes care of any cost on your end!

We make it easy to screen prospective renters with a free tenant screening. San Rafael, CA landlords and property managers trust and rely on our services to provide in-depth screenings, background checks, and rental applications. You have enough to worry about, whether you own one property or several. Contact us now to learn more about our we can help you!

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