Mobile Home Park Tenant Screening

Mobile Home Park Tenant ScreeningChoosing the right mobile home park tenant screening service can be a challenge. There are several factors to keep in mind, from your local laws and regulations to which screenings are going to give you the best bang for your buck. Running a background check for mobile home parks can mean the difference between renting your lots to problem tenants or long-term reliable renters. There’s a lot to consider, like what price point you can reasonably charge your applicants for their screening and whether your local tenant screening laws allow for certain types of checks.

Mobile home owners can either own the land their home is on or rent it.

For many mobile home owners, land ownership isn’t in the cards, so mobile home parks allow them space to rent from a landlord. Homes in this type of park are not on a permanent foundation, which means the tenant can move as needed. For landlords who own these parks, rather than renting out an actual home, they’re typically renting out the lots. It’s possible that some landlords may have homes to rent out, but more often than not the tenant will be bringing in their own home.

Since you don’t necessarily have the house itself to worry about as fair as care of the property, you may be willing to be more lenient on which tenants you take on. However, good mobile home park tenant screening packages can give you a better idea of the type of people you’ll be letting in to your housing community. Creating a thriving community of tenants who live well together and pay rent on time is always preferable to having non-paying tenants or those with criminal histories who may be a security risk to your park.

By using a service that offers a background check for mobile home parks, you can quickly learn whether someone has solid credit to work with, a criminal history, or even an eviction history from previous parks. Selecting the right tenants will prevent a lot of future headaches and ensure you, your property, and your business remain safe.

At Tenant Screening Center, we offer a variety of tenant screening packages for reasonable price points, any of which can be paid by the tenant as part of their application fee. We strongly advice you to review your local tenant laws and regulations for how much you can charge in application fees and whether you can use criminal background checks in your mobile home park tenant screenings. For more advice, please review our blog or give us a call.

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