New Tenant Screening Martha’s Vineyard

New Tenant Screening Martha’s VineyardAre you a property owner struggling with how to best complete new tenant screening Martha’s Vineyard? Are you still completing a tenant background check using a time consuming manual process, pulling the credit report and checking references yourself? Have you been renting out your units based on word of mouth or “a good feeling” but suspect you may be playing a little too fast and loose with your investment? Then let us introduce ourselves. We are Tenant Screening Center, a premier national tenant screening service firm. We combine powerful databases and exceptional customer service to protect property owners for less. Let us introduce you to some of our services, and give you a glimpse of how we can work for you.

TSCI Can Help You With Screening

New tenant screening is important even in thriving tourist areas like Martha’s Vineyard. While short term rentals in high season can often be safely and profitable booked on services such as AirBnB, renting properties year round requires a more intensive approach. Keeping your units occupied year round is key to maximizing profits in your property portfolio, but many property owners are not sure how to best perform a tenant background check. Traditional tenant screening often relies on incomplete records and a manual reference check. Especially now, when most numbers are cell phones, it can be difficult to verify that the person you are speaking to is actually an employer or former landlord. Too often, landlords spend hours of their precious time performing reference and credit checks themselves, and still end up missing valuable information. Why waste your time and risk your investment? Let Tenant Screening Center do the legwork for you. Tenant screening is all that we do, which allows us to do it not just well but quickly and affordably. Call us today to see how our new tenant screening packages can keep your Martha’s Vineyard investment safe.

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