New Tenant Screening Springfield, IL

New Tenant Screening Springfield, ILAre you a property owner unsure about how to best perform new tenant screening Springfield, IL? Tenant Screening Center is here to help. We are a nationwide credit and background screening firm dedicated to helping rental property owners protect their valuable investments. If you have an existing or upcoming rental property vacancy, don’t leave finding a great new tenant to chance. Count on us, and protect yourself while maximizing profits.

Safe Time When Screening New Tenants

Perhaps the best part about our new tenant screening credit report is that it is directly paid by tenant. This product is also ideal because it provides nearly instant results. And it is popular with tenants as well. How is this possible? Traditionally, a tenant fills out an online or paper application, pays a credit check fee, and waits while the landlord pulls the report manually. This process does not work well for any of the parties involved. The time involved in reviewing the application and obtaining the credit report is often high compared to the fee. And the prospective tenants are often reluctant to pay a seemingly high fee and release their sensitive information, leaving them potentially vulnerable to identity theft. And, worst of all, this process takes time. Your prospective tenant may find another unit and sign the lease before you are able to notify them that they are accepted. There has to be a better way! Well, there is, and Tenant Screening Center has developed it.

Our signature new tenant screening service is perfect for your Springfield, IL rental property. Your new tenant controls their information during the screening and it is paid by the tenant herself. She enters her information in our system, keeping her sensitive personal information secure. Access is then granted to the resulting credit report, which is available nearly instantly. This allows you, the landlord, to quickly make a decision, saving everyone time and hassle.

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