Property Manager Volume Discounts

Property Manager Volume DiscountsIf you’ve experienced any of the following, chances are you are using an accounting app to do your tenant screening:

  • False Positives
  • Missed Criminal History or Eviction History
  • Reports were too Expensive
  • Bad Customer Service

In recent years, property management software companies like AppFolio and others have seen tenant screening services as an easy way to make quick revenue. However, tenant screening services are a secondary service for these businesses. Would you hire an accountant to do your background screening? We wouldn’t.

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Experience the Difference of Tenant Screening Center

When it comes to tenant screening, there are crucial differences between using property management accounting apps and Tenant Screening Center. Here are just a few:

  • High Tech – our site is streamlined, efficient, and easily usable on desktop and mobile. Get critical information when you need it on the go. Our system can also integrate with your property management website, so applications can be 100% online.
  • High Touch – we have live humans answering the phone when you call with questions 24/7, and tenant screening specialists standing by to help.
  • High Value – we offer customizable reports based on what you need. Instead of giving you a mere data feed, we provide the information and service you don’t get from other sources.

We are committed to providing you with quick, complete, and accurate tenant screening and background check reports in the least amount of time at a fair and affordable price backed by our excellent customer service.

We offer not just tenant screening but the best tenant screening. While some other sites or software may give you incomplete background checks, we provide landlord and employer verifications as well as National Criminal and Rental Records Database Searches to ensure you are getting the most comprehensive tenant screening and background checks possible. With over 30 years of experience and over 35,100 satisfied customers, we are the trusted name in the industry; Tenant Screening Center is named #1 in the Landlord’s Handbook!

We value our relationships with all of our clients. That’s why we are currently giving away Starbucks gift cards! When you order $1000 in tenant screening reports in a month, you will receive a $50 gift card, courtesy of TSCI. Treat yourself to outstanding customer service, thorough tenant screening, and a gift card for coffee, tea, or goodies! Call us for more details at (800) 523-2381.

If you’ve been disappointed by the service and reports provided by your property management software, let the professionals help. We offer a superior experience for property managers, landlords, and all clients seeking comprehensive tenant screening with first-class customer service. Start today to see for yourself.