Tenant Screening Services

TSCI offers specific services for Landlords and Property Managers. Matching the right tenants with a property is work, and we aim to help reduce the workload and improve the outcome whenever possible. We offer credit and background checks, criminal history reports, eviction history reports and a variety of other screenings that help you make the best choice for your property or your clients.

LANDLORDS – If you are an individual owner or investor of a home or building who rents to tenants, please click the following button to review the tailored screenings we offer to help you mediate costs and choose the right renters for your property.

PROPERTY MANAGERS – If you are a member of a third-party organization that manages single family homes, apartment complexes, or commercial properties to handle the daily operations for the owner, we have a number of beneficial screening services. These screenings will help you stay organized and reduce your workload, which is a great help if your company manages a number of units or properties. Please click the following button to review packages we offer.

BUSINESS – Credit reports on businesses provide the critical and comprehensive information needed to make an informed financial decision. Screen your prospective tenants’ business with TSC and avoid future problems!


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