Do All Landlords Do Credit Checks?

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Most landlords will do credit checks on perspective tenants, though some may choose not to. Anyone who’s trying to protect their income will likely want to make sure the person they’re renting their property to has a good history of making payments on time. If you’re concerned about a less-than-perfect score, you don’t necessarily have… Read more »

What’s Included In A Background Check?

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Every seasoned property manager knows that landlord background checks are the key to finding quality tenants for their clients’ properties. Services that offer tenant background checks will give you a list of information that will help give you a more well-rounded picture of the person you’re about to sign a contract with. But what information… Read more »

New Credit Score Rules Are Here

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Starting this past Saturday (July 1st), a series of new credit score rules hit and people may already be noticing the difference in their scores. These changes affect all three of the major credit reporting databases, and we’ve written several posts discussing the new VantageScore approach and how it differs from FICO scores, if you’d… Read more »