Are Eviction Moratoriums Becoming the New Normal?

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The Federal eviction moratorium officially ended on August 26, after a 6-3 vote by the Supreme Court ruling that the CDC’s order exceeded the agency’s authority. In response, the White House encouraged governors and mayors to issue their own state and local eviction moratoriums to help protect struggling renters. Top Biden officials stated, “Our bottom… Read more »

Could Eviction Record Bans Extend Beyond New York State?

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In 2019, New York state passed a law that effectively banned the use of eviction reports for screening rental applicants. The law, which is part of The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019, penalizes rental property owners who deny applicants on the basis of either a pending or prior eviction litigation. The law… Read more »

What to Do When Your Tenant Files for Bankruptcy

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Eviction is one of the worst-case scenarios for many landlords. It can be a long, taxing process that slowly eats away at your time and money – not to mention the impact it has on an emotional or mental health level. Needless to say, eviction is a situation that most landlords want to avoid whenever… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Potential Wave of Evictions

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Earlier this year, states rushed to put a halt to evictions in response to COVID-19. As some states have now begun the process of reopening, the multifamily housing industry may be at a crossroads with evictions. Eviction moratoriums are set to be lifted in several states, with courts scheduled to begin hearing eviction cases later… Read more »

Evictions during COVID-19: What You Need to Know

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COVID-19 has had drastic effects on nearly every aspect of society, including the housing market. As millions of Americans have become temporarily furloughed or unemployed, state and local governments have responded to the threat of mass evictions in a variety of ways. Some areas of the country have completely closed their local courts, effectively suspending… Read more »

State and Local Lawmakers Pause Evictions During Covid-19 Outbreaks

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In response to Covid-19 outbreaks across the country, many non-essential businesses have shut down in order to slow the spread of the virus. These proactive measures have led to many people being unable to work and in some cases even losing their jobs. Since many people are no longer working, many major U.S. cities have… Read more »