Florida Landlord Requires Tenants to Get Vaccinated: Is this Legal?

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In August, Florida landlord Santiago A. Alvarez enacted a policy requiring his tenants to get vaccinated for COVID-19—or face eviction. Alvarez, who owns eight apartment complexes with 1,200 units total, decided to require vaccines after 15 of his tenants died of the virus. His new policy also states that applications from prospective tenants will automatically… Read more »

Oakland Ordinance Expands Landlord Requirements and Tenant Rights

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Oakland landlords and tenants enter a shifting rental landscape after the City Council passed its Fair Chance Housing ordinance that establishes the East Bay city as the first in California to bar landlords from conducting criminal background checks. This law, adopted by the City Council on February 4, “bans the box” which stops landlords from… Read more »

Do All Landlords Do Credit Checks?

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Most landlords will do credit checks on perspective tenants, though some may choose not to. Anyone who’s trying to protect their income will likely want to make sure the person they’re renting their property to has a good history of making payments on time. If you’re concerned about a less-than-perfect score, you don’t necessarily have… Read more »

Why Landlords Should Invest in Property Inspection Services

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It’s hardly uncommon for people who are purchasing a home to have a home or property inspector come review the property for any potential issues they should be aware of. In fact, it’s advisable to protect oneself against incurring surprise costs or faulty construction. However, many landlords and property managers forego property inspection services on… Read more »

TSCI.com – Easy to Use for Landlords and Property Managers

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For thirty years, landlords and property managers have been turning to Tenant Screening Center for reliable and comprehensive rental background checks. What started as a desire to help customers three decades ago has grown into the tenant screening service that was named #1 in the nation by The Landlord’s Handbook, a resource used by professionals… Read more »