Holdover Tenants: What to Do When a Tenant Stays Past the Lease Period

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Most tenancies go as planned; when the lease period ends, the majority of tenants either choose to move out or sign on for another year. In some cases, though, you may have a tenant who chooses to remain in the rental beyond the official tenancy period—also known as a “holdover tenant.” Understandably, having a holdover… Read more »

Oakland Ordinance Expands Landlord Requirements and Tenant Rights

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Oakland landlords and tenants enter a shifting rental landscape after the City Council passed its Fair Chance Housing ordinance that establishes the East Bay city as the first in California to bar landlords from conducting criminal background checks. This law, adopted by the City Council on February 4, “bans the box” which stops landlords from… Read more »

What to Do About Non-Paying Tenants

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As landlords, we hope we’ll never have to be in the position of dealing with a non-paying tenant. Unfortunately, the longer you’re in this business, the more likely it is that you’ll encounter a tenant who won’t pay rent on time, or at all. There are any number of reasons for it, from job loss… Read more »