Tenant Background Check

3 Things to Screen for With a Tenant Background Check

Most of today’s property management companies administer a tenant background check prior to signing a rental agreement in the San Francisco Bay area. These checks offer can help you find high-quality renters who will pay on time. When you are performing a renter background check, it is a good idea to screen the following three things.

1 – Credit History

A report of the tenant’s credit history can be very beneficial because it will help you have a better picture of the financial background of the prospective renter. When you rent to people with good credit, they are more likely to pay their rent. This minimizes your risk as a property owner.

2 – Evictions Search

Along with evaluating the credit of a prospective renter, it is a good idea to search for evictions during a tenant background check. If someone has been evicted in the past, you may not want to approve him or her for space. Renters with no history of eviction represent less risk and are more likely to be better tenants.

3 – Certification of Employment

During a renter background check, you can also determine whether or not the renter is employed. This will help you authentic the information they provided on their application.

When you screen for these three things, you will be able to make an informed decision when you are deciding whether or not to enter into a rental agreement.

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