Tenant Background Investigation

When it comes to selecting tenants for your rental properties, a thorough tenant background investigation is your first line of defense. At Tenant Screening Center, we provide comprehensive tenant screening investigations to help you make the most informed decisions for your properties and find reliable renters. Our investigation covers vital aspects, including credit reports, credit pass/fail, background checks, criminal history, and eviction history.

Protect Your Investment with a Tenant Background Investigation

Regular tenant screenings are a critical component of safeguarding your investment. They provide invaluable insights into prospective tenants by helping you identify potential issues such as prior evictions or payment history concerns. With a tenant screening investigation from TSCI, you can have peace of mind that you’re selecting dependable tenants while avoiding issues that could jeopardize your property and your business. 

Our comprehensive tenant background investigations include:

  • Pass/Fail Credit Check: Our pass/fail credit check makes it easy for you to assess an applicant’s creditworthiness. You set the criteria for the minimum credit score, the number of charge-offs and delinquencies, and bankruptcy in the past 1-10 years. If the applicant passes, they’re likely to be a reliable choice for your property.  
  • Credit Report: Credit reports provide a detailed view of an applicant’s financial history and creditworthiness. A favorable credit report suggests the applicant is fiscally responsible and more likely to pay their rent on time. Our credit reports contain details like the applicant’s credit score, employment history, address history, payment history (including delinquencies), potential negative public record filings, and credit report inquiries from financial institutions and creditors. 
  • Eviction History: Discovering if a prospective tenant has a history of evictions is crucial. Renters with no prior evictions pose less risk and are more likely to be reliable and respectful of your property. Our eviction histories search millions of eviction records from around the nation to help you determine whether the applicant has ever been evicted. 
  • Employment Verification: Verifying applicants’ employment details helps you determine whether the information they provided on the rental application is accurate and truthful. Understanding an applicant’s employment history is an essential step in assessing their overall stability and ability to meet ongoing financial obligations. Our employment verifications include information from current and previous landlords and current employers regarding late payments, bounced checks, legal notices, complaints on file, and other issues. 
  • Criminal History: Although the laws are changing and some state and local ordinances have specific laws regarding criminal records, landlords still have a right to know whether an applicant can afford to rent their property and take care of it properly. Landlords also have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their other tenants. Our criminal check includes felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, and other convictions or arrests at the state and federal levels. 

Our tenant screening investigations are available for independent landlords as well as commercial property owners and managers. We offer various options, from credit-only checks to comprehensive background checks with criminal history screening. Choose the level of screening that aligns with your needs and budget. Many of our reports, including our cost-effective RentalConnect program, allow applicants to cover the expense of their screenings.

Order Your Tenant Screening Reports Today

At Tenant Screening Center, we’re committed to providing high-quality, accurate tenant screening to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our user-friendly online platform offers easy and convenient access to a variety of reports that are available 24/7. In addition to giving you insights into a tenant’s background, we also offer dozens of resources and free forms for you to use as well as a blog that contains valuable advice. 

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Very good customer service and quick responses for the background checks.
Thorough and on top of it. Customer service is patient and friendly.
I needed to find a new source for running tenant reports, and this option ticked ALL the boxes. Provided the reports needed at a reasonable cost AND did the employment and tenant verifications in writing! Happy to recommend!
They are very professional and go beyond call of duty to explain the screening report.