Tenant Screening Ann Arbor MI

Tenant Screening Ann Arbor MITenant screening Ann Arbor MI does not need to be time consuming, difficult, or expensive. Tenant Screening Center offers rigorous residential and business rental screening tools to property owners nationwide. Whether you need a full background check on a tenant or just a quick and accurate credit report, Tenant Screening Center has you covered. New tenant background checks can be a great way to protect your investment. We scour public records for any potential trouble points, from late payments to evictions and court records to criminal activity.

Renting to business tenants presents potential profits but also unique pitfalls. Often, the business that is interested in your unit or facility is a new, but promising, business. How does a cautious property owner decided if a business, especially a new business, is a good bet? Tenant Screening Center has developed a special tenant credit report and background check just for these situations, providing multiple pieces of valuable information all at one low price.

Our business credit reports include a business credit report on the company, a personal credit report on one principal owner or partner, and a list of any Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, bankruptcies, collections, tax issues, and judgment filings. These new tenant background checks provide a thorough picture of a business’s past financial dealings. When performing tenant screening paid by tenant for a business that is not yet established in the Ann Arbor MI area, the principal credit report is essential. While business success is never guaranteed, a business run by people who are responsible with bill payment in their personal lives is more likely to honor their debts and pay bills promptly.

Tenant Screening Center provides our great rental screening products to property owners in the Ann Arbor MI area and across the country. Give us a call today to see which of our quality products best meets your needs. Protect your investment for less with Tenant Screening Center.

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