Tenant Screening Chandler AZ

To allow landlords and property managers to verify before trusting, Tenant Screening Center has developed proven methods. We have been the innovator and trailblazer for tenant screening in Chandler AZ and across the country for since 1985. These services include the tenant credit report and the tenant background check. We are the first listing in The Landlord’s Handbook, which is the ultimate resource for managing small residential properties. Our reputation precedes us, and our name has come to mean experience, excellence, and integrity in this industry. Our job is to give owners and managers every possible advantage when signing agreements with renters.   

Tenant Screening Chandler

Sometimes joining the crowd is an excellent idea. There are already more than 35,000 property managers, landlords, and other clients that use our services. We are their go-to option to run proven reports that include the tenant credit report, tenant background check, tenant verification, background check, and more. We don’t expect you to trust us any more than a renter. That’s why we offer a 100% guarantee on the data our products generate about prospective renters. If you are wondering about accessibility, all of our tools are available online 24/7. You can use them whenever you need to receive accurate screening services so that you can choose renters who will make on-time payments and treat your property with respect.

Our Other Services

Another option we offer is the RentalConnect program that provides property managers and landlords another option to offset the resources spent in the full screening of tenants. RentalConnect places the responsibility for proving feasibility of renters if you don’t have the resources for traditional screening services. With this program, the responsibility of the service fee and time it takes to fill out the paperwork shifts to the applicant. On-site visit fees, sign-up fees, and membership fees—all of these costs are waived even though you still get the data you need.

Want more information about our tenant screening services in Chandler AZ and across the U.S.? Contact us online, email us at info@tsci.com, or call 1-800-523-2381 today.

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