Tenant Screening Colonial Village VA

Are you still struggling to correctly determine how to choose the right renter for your property? For nearly 35 years, Tenant Screening Center has helped clients just like you! We can assist you in forecasting the overall dependability of a potential renter with tenant screening services in Colonial Village VA, and across the nation.  It is no surprise that we are the first listing in The Landlord’s Handbook, an essential resource for managing small residential properties. Since 1985, we have set the course for the tenant screening industry and our name is synonymous with experience, excellence, and integrity!

When you evaluate a prospective renter with a tenant credit report, you will be able to find individuals with irregularities in their credit history represent. These people pose a much higher financial risk for you or, if you’re a property manager, your client. You need to be aware of renters who are unable to consistently pay their bills on time since they are so much more likely to be unstable renters. People who are overloaded with debt also give you an excellent indication that they will not be able to keep up with their financial obligation. A tenant credit report gives you a clear window into someone’s finances, giving you the information you need to trust them with a rental agreement offer!

Advantages Of A Background Check

A tenant background check gives you three viewpoints that, together, will deliver high-quality renters who pay on time and treat your property with respect. A solid credit history gives you the first look. Knowing their financial background, makes evaluating a renter for future on-time, full rental payments. An evictions search is the second viewpoint. It lets you see if the individual has been evicted from a previous rental, an obvious red flare signaling financial distress. Certification of employment is a third element. To give you the best chance possible to pick a solid renter, it’s important you confirm that the information they have provided is true!

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