Tenant Screening Houston Texas

Tenant Screening Houston TexasAre you a landlord not performing tenant screening Houston Texas for your rental properties? Is it because you think thorough rental background checks are too expensive or time consuming? Then let us introduce you to Tenant Screening Center and our comprehensive and affordable screening packages for landlords. We provide products that evaluate potential tenants quickly, from criminal background checks to credit reports to information verification. We know that your time and money are important to you – let us do the searching, at a reasonable cost. At Tenant Screening Center, evaluating potential residential and business tenants is all we do. This expertise allows us to quickly search the powerful national databases we have access to, putting millions of records at the tips of our fingers (and yours).

Renting out small investment property portfolios can be extremely challenging. Often it is not cost effective to hire a property management company, and the owner still has to work a full time job. This leaves little time for the demands of investment property ownership, especially time consuming unit turnover. It can be tempting to skip rental background checks and select the first applicant who wants the unit. However, this leaves you subject to unwittingly taking on “professional” tenants, who move from unit to unit and never pay rent. You may check references, but how do you really know who is on the other line? Is it really a satisfied former landlord, or is it the tenant’s friend, family member, or even the tenant himself using a different phone number? Even worse, landlords stuck with a problem tenant may even be tempted to provide a glowing reference to make their problem yours. Protect your investment with tenant screening for your Houston Texas properties.

An empty unit is a temporary loss of income, but a unit rented to the wrong tenant can be much worse. If you have been lucky so far, do not let your luck run out on you. Contact Tenant Screening Center to discuss solutions for your Houston Texas property portfolio. Peace of mind is just a click or phone call away, and is more affordable than you may think. Don’t delay, get started today. We are here to help.

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