Tenant Screening Lakewood LA

Tenant Screening Lakewood LA

Tenant screening is the best way for Lakewood LA landlords and property managers to find reliable tenants. However, screening tenants on your own takes time out of your already busy schedule. Tenant Screening Center is here to help. We’ve been providing comprehensive tenant screening services across the nation since 1985. Our reports are accurate, affordable, and can be easily tailored to meet your needs. They’re also conveniently accessible online 24/7, so you can order and review screenings around your schedule. Order yours today and feel confident you have the information you need to make the most informed decisions.

Why is it so important to base your rental decisions on tenant screening? A bad tenant can be a costly mistake. They may not be respectful of your property or the terms of the lease. They may not pay rent on time, causing financial difficulties for you. A bad tenant may even cause problems with neighboring tenants, causing you to lose good, responsible tenants. While you could evict a tenant who breaks the terms of the lease, eviction is a long, arduous process. Why not start with a great candidate from the beginning?

Reliable Tenant Credit Reports

That’s where tenant screening comes in. Using a tenant credit report and tenant background check gives you a more complete picture of your applicant. Using our tenant credit report, you’ll gain a better understanding of how well an applicant meets their financial responsibilities. This report includes credit history, rental history, and credit score. We also include a financial summary to help you better assess these factors. With a tenant background check, you’ll have access to key information about their employment history and rental history. By looking at these reports, individually or concurrently, you’ll be able to spot any red flags that could signal the applicant isn’t an ideal tenant for your Lakewood LA property.

In addition, we also offer screening for commercial tenants, mobile home parks, and more. Order your reports online or feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-523-2381.