Tenant Screening Mount Vernon IA

Do you find yourself skipping over tenant screening because it takes up too much of your valuable time? That’s what Tenant Screening Center is here for. We offer comprehensive, accurate, and affordable screening for busy Mount Vernon IA landlords and property managers. We’ve been paving the way for the tenant screening industry since 1985 and are the first listing in the Landlord’s Handbook. All our products are online and available 24/7, so you can conduct and review screenings whenever it’s convenient for you. Find the ideal tenant and get the peace of mind you deserve with our quality, in-depth tenant screening reports.

Tenant Screening Mount Vernon IA

We offer several levels of reports to fit your needs and budget. Our tenant credit report is ideal for determining a renter’s financial stability and potential risk. You’ll be able to see whether they pay their bills on time and the amount of debt they have. Those with inconsistencies in their credit history or high levels of debt represent a high level of financial risk to you. You’ll also be able to evaluate their rental history for red flags like previous evictions or whether they’ve been sent to collections for nonpayment.

Importance of Background Checks

With a tenant background check, you can evaluate credit history along with eviction and employment history. Renters who have had a history of eviction are more likely to be a financial risk, so this should be a key factor in your decision. The evictions history searches the nationwide database, so you can find out if they’ve ever been evicted even if they’ve lived in other parts of the country. Employment history will verify whether the renter is currently employed and can also be used to determine whether they’ve been honest about past employment.

In addition to our full services, we also offer RentalConnect. This program is designed to relieve the expense of tenant screening reports. The applicant pays for the total fee of the reports you need and there are no membership fees. Like our other services, this can be accessed online 24/7. We also offer screening for mobile home parks, commercial buildings, and offer a wealth of resources for Mount Vernon IA landlords and property managers.To get started with tenant screening for your rental, order your reports online or contact us at 1-800-523-2381 today.