Tenant Screening Nationwide

TCSI Inc offers tenant screening nationwide for landlords and property managers in every state. When you screen tenants before signing a rental agreement, you’re protecting your property and your business. By obtaining a credit report, national criminal background check, and eviction history from perspective tenants, you’re able to make an informed decision about what sort of tenant they’ll be. Do they have a history of property damage or illegal activity? Do they pay rent consistently and on time? Do they have consistent income? These are all valuable answers to have.

A Wide Range of Tenant Screening Services

At our core, it’s our goal to help landlords and property managers make the best decisions for their business and offer support in any way we can. We offer dozens of free forms on our site that can be downloaded and tweaked to meet your needs and comply with local laws. Our wide range of screening services vary in cost so that you can pick the package or individual screening options that work best for your circumstances. By making our tenant screening nationwide, we’re able to provide property owners across the country with the tools they need to succeed and find their ideal tenants. Whether you manage apartments in New Orleans or townhomes in Seattle, you have options that are affordable and thorough.

Our RentalConnect services includes a credit report, national criminal background check, and national eviction search for a cost-effective price of $39.95, which is included as an application fee paid by the tenant. It’s fast, easy, secure, and available online 24/7, and doesn’t require an on-site inspection. For more detailed information, our full screening service includes all reports for $49.50, plus a one-time $65 inspection fee. This will tell you everything you need to know about your applicant.

For more information about our services or how we can support you, reach out to us anytime. We offer tenant screening nationwide and regularly update our site with forms for you to use, as well as advice on our blog. We’re always here for you!