Tenant Screening Oakland

Screen Potential Tenants for Better Renters

Tenant Screening OaklandAs a landlord, one of the challenges is finding responsible tenants to rent to. Irresponsible tenants include those who fail to pay rent on time, miss payments, cut out of the lease early, or cause damage to the property. One way to cut down on these types of renters is to perform a tenant screening in Oakland. There are a number of options for rental background checks, and a professional company can assist you in this task.

Unable to do Criminal Background Checks In Your Area? Please consider the following RentalConnect Reports:

Credit and Eviction

Credit, Eviction, Sex Offender, Employment/Landlord Verifications

Credit Report

When performing a tenant screening in Oakland, you can choose from a variety of reports, depending on what type of information you want. If you just want a credit report, you will find out the renter’s full credit profile, credit score, tax liens, bankruptcies, previous addresses, and name and social security validation.

Full Report

For a full rental history, you may want to order a full report. This contains all information found in the credit report, but also includes evictions, verifications of previous and present landlords, employer verification, criminal records, and collection records. For commercial rentals you may also want to include a business report, which contains both personal and business credit reports, UCC filings, tax limits, and judgment filings.

Spending the resources for a tenant screening in Oakland can prevent headaches and save money in the long run. Choose an experienced company to help you perform rental background checks for your property.

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