Tenant Screening Package

Tenant Screening PackageHow do you choose the right tenant screening package for your needs? First, you should determine the information that will help you make the best decision for each of your properties. You should take your local tenant screening laws into account because some areas don’t allow certain screenings to be used in housing decisions. It’s always a good idea to check with your legal counsel about your rights and the rights of your prospective tenants. From there, do your research so you can select the best tenant screening service for your needs.

Not all screening packages are created equal.

Depending on the service you use, you’ll likely find that each tenant screening package comes with a varying price point for the amount of information you get. At Tenant Screening Center, we offer packages for landlords and property managers that range from a simple criminal background and eviction check for $17.50 all the way up to a full screening with criminal background check for $51.50. It should be noted that all our services are paid by the tenant as part of the application fee, which means you must also factor in the price point that’s right for your prospective tenant pool.

Price is also one of the areas where you should be familiar with your local tenant screening laws. Some areas have a cap for how much you can charge as a rental application fee, which will in turn affect which packages you can use. You may find that a “mini” report gives you all the information you need, or you may choose to focus on eviction history and criminal background. Another example of how local laws can affect your screening process is the city of Seattle, which recently passed legislation stating that landlords cannot use criminal background checks to deny someone housing. This law was passed in order to prevent housing discrimination, but once again, it affects which screening package you can use.

Ultimately, choosing the right tenant screening package can help you make the best decision for your property. If you need more information about the various packages available to you, please reach out to us anytime. Protect yourself, your business, and your property with the right screening service.

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