Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Ann Arbor MI

Tenant Screening Paid by Tenant Ann Arbor MITenant screening paid by tenant Ann Arbor MI may be the perfect solution for your rental property. Tenant Screening Center offers a vast array of high quality financial and background screening products for all types of rental properties. Whether you own multiple rental buildings or are just renting out a room in your home to help with the bills, do not sign a lease without performing a rental background check. Too many property owners have relied on first impressions, gut feelings, or a reference check and gotten burned. A bad tenant can cost the owner thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars in lost rent and damages.

Tenant Screening Center has developed our credit report paid by tenant tool especially for apartments. This product solves multiple issues for the landlord and the prospective tenant. Many landlords choose to perform rental checks themselves, and charge a nominal fee (typically twenty to seventy-five dollars) as compensation. However, this fee usually does not come close to compensating the property owner for his or her time. Often, individual reference checks can take hours.

Performing an accurate rental background check involves collecting sensitive personal information, such as date of birth and social security number, that a financially responsible tenant might be very hesitant to give out. Also, many prospective renters are suspicious of application fees, as they have no evidence that the funds actually go towards a screening. The tenant screening paid by tenant process allows you to fill your Ann Arbor MI rentals while reassuring the responsible prospective tenants you are looking for that you are legitimate and serious about filling the vacancy.

With our tenant screening paid by tenant product the person who is interested in your Ann Arbor MI apartment pays us a very small fee directly to generate their report. Private information stays private, but you are given access to the background check when it is ready (usually in minutes). Property owners are often able to offer the apartment on the spot, limiting the loss of responsible tenants to other properties. Tenant Screening Center’s credit report paid by tenant is truly a win-win for everyone involved. Give us a call today to see how this and our other quality tenant screening tools can work for you.

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